Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Mom,

A new car eh? that's pretty cool. Conference was great! All the other missionaries and I thought that each session went by really fast. They were full of good things. And I'm really glad that they had Elder Holland and Elder Oaks start off the Sunday Afternoon session. I wasn't sure that I would be able to stay awake through it. But it wasn't hard once I heard them talking. None of the people we invited to conference came, and a few of them said they would, but that's the way it is. Next time we do something like that we will pick them up for it. Other missionaries had some investigators there and I know that at least one of them loved it. She was laughing at President Monson's story and we thought she was just another member there from the English ward.

I missed going to Grandma Schenk's house for conference. I was telling Elder Rose about conference muffins and when I told him just now that you guys had some left over he said "Send them!" I don't know if that will work out. Thanks for sending the package. I shall await it with excitement. Now that General Conference is over, so is suit season, so I will be ready for short sleeved shirts as soon as you can send them. People keep telling me the summers are too hot here, but the spring is nice. My companion had a car last summer so he didn't really know. He was in AC all the time. We watched general conference at our chapel. They showed it in Chinese and Spanish downstairs and English in the Chapel. the missionaries watched in English. It was mostly missionaries from our zone in the chapel, I think everyone else was watching at home.

When we play handball and basketball we change into sports clothes. The courts are across the street from our house at an elementary school. We are teaching lessons, but nothing yet from playing sports, although we met a couple people who play handball who have friends in the church and said that they would come to conference. So we might be able to teach them. Elder Rose really wants to get a baptism from handball.

So far we haven't really worked with the youth yet. Last mutual night we had dinner with the youth. I don't think there are that many.  Maybe about 15 youth total, but this way we can work closer with each of them and their friends.

I liked hearing about the guy singing in the blizzard. We have that song sung Motab on a cd here and I told Elder Rose we should use it as our alarm. So after conference he told me that story reminded him of me. Another missionary said that it reminded him of me a couple of weeks ago when we finished shopping and it was hailing outside. It looked worse than it was, so when I got outside I realized it wasn't horrible and said "Hey guys, it's not even that bad!" Then we ran home across flushing in a hail storm. Immediately after eating Five Guys. I'll send pictures in another email.

Love you!

Elder Schenk

Flushing Meadows Park

Friend from the branch.

View of Manhatten.
District 5 with mission presidency and trainers from the church missionary department.
Homemade fajitas!

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