Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

Hey Family!

I can't figure out how to attach photos, so I'll send some later. I have photos of my district eating the cinnamon rolls and lots of other pictures.

How do you like the schedule? I am really good at getting up in the morning, and pretty good at going to bed close to 6:30. But journal writing and talking to roommates and companionship prayer keep me up sometimes. I'm working on it. But I like the schedule pretty well. It keeps me busy and I'm getting good sleep at night and I don't have much time to think about other things besides missionary work
How is your Espanol coming along? Bastante bien. I'm getting better for sure. I don't speak spanish all the time, actually I speak a lot of English because everyone here does, but when we are out and about we show off. I am getting to understand others talking a lot better than the first day. I don't understand everything but I can follow lessons and conversations without much trouble.
Are you learning about New York? Nope, but here's my travel info: report to travel office at 4:00 AM! I leave March 4 (Monday). Depart salt lake 715 am flight delta 1950. arrive detroit 12:46. depart detroit 1:56 delta flight 2148 arrive 3:45 new york La Guardia

Have you seen your old friends in the MTC now that you're there too? I have seen TONS of people that I know. From our stake: Sister Cross, Hermana Murray, Hermana Johnson, Elder Barkdull. From my dorm hallway: Elder Hendryx, Elder Barker, Elder Reynolds, Elder Vance. All of them are speaking Espanol except Sister Cross and Elder Hendryx (who is speaking russian and will still be there when Gigi reports). All of them have been here a lot longer than me and I leave before all of them except Elder Reynolds, who left this week. I see them all the time at mealtime and during gym time. It's fun.
Are you sleeping and eating well? Staying healthy? I am sleeping pretty well. I don't have as much time as I would like to eat (especially because my companion eats a lot less than me.) so my granola bars have come in handy, but I'm doing well. I am eating healthy mostly although I eat desserts too. And I am eating lots of vitamin c's. My district is staying pretty healthy too so that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Well, I really am missing my work out buddy. Hopefully you're getting some exercise. - I mostly just play volleyball during gym. Its really fun and I am one of the better people (someone asked me if I played in high school) but I need to do something that is better exercise. I play basketball but don't always make it into the games because you need to make a free throw to get in and it's been a while since my shot has been good.
Did you get Dad's email, and have you gotten letters from anyone else? I'm getting letters more than a lot of my district but that is overshadowed by one Hermana (sister) in my district who gets over twice as much as anyone else (subtle hint for my fans back home). And I don't see dad's email.

Yesterday we had in field orientation which just means we learned a lot about the work specifically and not just the lessons. It was good. Right now is additional study time. I didn't get a turn at the computer during laundry time, and I waited a lot.

Love you! thanks everyone for the letters! Thanks Brother Stegner and Brother Komar for the letters too!

Elder Schenk


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  1. Eric sounds like he is doing great! I can't believe how soon he is going to New York - especially Spanish speaking!