Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013 Flushing

 Hi mom!

I have a lot more pictures to send but this is all I could fit in this Email. I'll try to send some more. I am feeling pretty good still after a week. I feel like I have been here longer already. I feel comfortable here even though everything is pretty new. The weather is a lot like Washington so I enjoy it. The English class we teach is Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Elder Rose and I teach on Tuesday. The spanish speaking sisters in our district teach Wednesday and the other Spanish speaking elders in our district teach on saturday. All three of our companionships go to the same branch, Flushing 1. The English classes cover really simple things. Last week we taught about giving personal information. Address, height, age, birthday, phone number, and things like that. It goes pretty well and last time we had about 12 people there. We hand out a lot of flyers for the class on the street. My first sunday went pretty well. I met a lot of the ward but remember pretty much none of their names. The branch president had me speak and introduce myself for a minute, and later someone from the stake spoke and talked about how I was a great example of the gift of tongues. That was kind of exciting. The food is pretty good. I enjoy the dinner appointments. Apparently really hot food is just popular among Mexicans. There are a lot of El Salvadorians here, and we run into a lot of Dominicans too, which makes my companion Elder Rose pretty happy because he started his mission there and is going back after his mission ends in August. I'm finding my way around town fairly well, I just follow Elder Rose. Our Apartment is pretty small. We have a small kitchen, small living room (where we sleep, eat, and do everything) a small bedroom where we don't do much, and a small bathroom.

The best thing that happens is the times when we actually get a full conversation with people. usually that happens with English speakers. We actually ran into a group that had a prayer station set up right where we were going to set up a station of our own. We talked to one guy and it turns out they are all missionaries, too. He has been waiting soooo long to be able to ask some mormons a lot of questions he has had about a lot of things he has heard about our church, and he wants to clear some things up with the bible and book of mormon conflict. So he asked if Elder Izatt and I could come by tuesday night and talk. Elder Izatt is one of the English speaking missionaries in our district. We will see how this goes. The guy had some hard questions of things that I wasn't really familliar with, so pretty much my whole goal is to have him feel the Spirit.

I don't know what the worst thing that happened last week was. Yesterday we went to visit a referral but he wasn't home. And it took a while taking the bus to his house and finding where it was. That's the thing here. It's hard to be punctual when you are just riding the bus. It takes time. Tell Gigi good luck on her mission! and she might meet Elder Hendryx who is still in the mtc going to russia. I got another picture with him. I gotta go.

Love you so much thanks for your prayers!

Elder Schenk


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