Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

Familia mia,

First, I'm so excited that Gabby got baptized! that's really cool. I figured she would because she was so solid. That's great to hear about her husband! I remember I taught him and his friends once, and they seemed pretty respectful if not accepting. That makes me so glad to hear! I am excited to talk to them when I get back home. They knew I spoke a little bit of spanish then, so I can blow them away when I get back. That's sweet I'm really happy about that.

So I'll tell you about what's new. My area is Bushwick, Brooklyn, but it has a lot more than just Bushwick. It is mostly the north, northwest of Brooklyn (it has about a third of it.) The church is on one floor in a building owned by a Jewish company, and that area is full of Jewish people. It's very interesting. Fiday or Saturday at 5 or so we heard this loud siren, and it was signaling the end of the workday in preparation for their sabbath. The zone is really fun and the district is good, so I'm excited to work here. We have a big branch (I counted about 100 at sacrament meeting) but it's not a ward yet because there aren't enough Melchizidak Priesthood holders or something. So that will be something to work on.

There are more missionaries in my district and zone than were in my previous ones, and everything is much more spread out. In Flushing, you would see missionaries around town, especially by the church all the time. Here it's not quite like that, although you do see the others occasionally.

It's kind of weird not knowing what's going on in your district. I was pretty used to being the veteran of Flushing, but here I know nothing. (Actually that's not true, I know plenty now, I've been here almost a whole week!)

Interesting story though, I've already been here before a couple of times and recognize a couple of things. Toward the very beginning of my mission, Elder Rose and I came and visited on a preparation day and played basketball with an investigator from here who was going to be baptized. We sat in on the lesson with him afterward and his mom gave us some nice dominican snacks (a drink called morir sonando is one of them). She was catholic and not really interested but nice and respectful. Well now both of them, mother and son are members and really strong!!! It's funny that I actually met these people before anyone in the district that is here right now met them.

Mom, putting in all of that info reminds me of what we will need to do pretty soon when we get our mini ipads. The info will all be accessible from the cloud all mission long, but we need to put it in by hand from our paper area books first! so that will take much time.

I don't think I need more kitchen stuff, I brought some with me from flushing that you had already sent, and I don't do too much crazy cooking that requires it. This week we had pretty much no food in the apartment because transfers were just before the end of the month. money and food were low. But I had brought pancake mix with me and I had that subway gift card. Around thursday we got paid by the mission, and we did a lot of service last week, and were given food at each service we did. So we didn't do much cooking. That was pretty handy. Today we are going to BJ's which is like costco to load up on the groceries.

Also side note before I forget, next monday is veterans day and the library we are emailing from might be closed, but we might also have ipads by that time, so it's really up in the air if you will get an email monday or tuesday. I also brought my camera to the library, but I forgot to bring the connecting chord so I'll send some pictures next time.

My new companion is Elder Sua'ava. pronounced swava. He is half hawaiian half mexican, but doesn't already speak spanish. He has been out about 6 months, all of which has been here in Bushwick. He is really nice and has a big heart. It will be good to work with him. The apartment we have here is newer than the one in flushing, so that's nice, but it's getting so cold outside that sometimes we need to wear coats inside. Dad, to answer your question it would be nice if you sent my down jacket, and maybe my fleece one? maybe not, it was quite a squeeze packing all of my stuff at transfers. I need to find a way to simplify my things a bit.

I don't know how long it will take to do, but I'm still planning on sending a package home with letters, etc for the family and friends. I'm not very far along the way of getting it ready, but it should probably be ready by Christmas.

I don't know everyone, or even all of these people very well, but pray for (this is a mix of less active members, new members, and investigators)

Also just pray that I will be able to coordinate well with the branch leaders in picking up and moving from where the work is at. I think it will go really well!

Love you so much! thanks for all of your love

Elder Eric D. Schenk, from Brooklyn


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