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October 21, 2013

Hi Dad,

Las Vegas, that's cool that you can be there together! I remember a while back when you had to go to a conference there by yourself and you said that you were really bored. I'm glad that you get to do a lot of fun things together. Fun fact, las vegas means something like "the shrubs" or maybe it's referring to an oasis in the desert. I'm glad you are learning a lot that is exciting. Adding a new inspector? that would be a big step, too. Wow good luck with all of that.

Thanks for being a great dad. As I see a lot of people around here sometimes I realize how different my childhood was. Not just because it was in Washington instead of NYC, but because of the home I had. Our family is strong. We love each other and we make time for each other. We take care of each other. We function. We eat together, we pray together, we read together, and we go and do things together. You and Mom were involved, and were there to give a good strength and support. We are teaching a teenager now. His mom is a less active member and their family isn't complete and united. He and his mom and sister all love each other and are great, but having a gospel centered home lead by the priesthood would work miracles for them. His mom says she is willing to come back, the time just has to be right. But we are always welcome in their home. So we are going to start to visit and do family scripture time with them! I'm so excited to do it, because it can help them all out so much! It's the little things like that that we did that helped make our family so great! Including morning and night prayers together with hugs all around. I've brought that into my companionship with Elder Wright, but he doesn't like hugs that much. He's not opposed to them, but he just doesn't like hugging a ton.

Being on a mission has helped me notice a lot of little things like that. Starting and ending every day with the Spirit and Love like that is so good! So thanks for doing everything so well.

I'll write more to mom, Have a great time in Las Vegas, and have a good week! I'm praying for you, too. Thanks for you love and example! 


Elder Schenk

Dearly beloved friends and family,

I've gotten a lot of questions about how it's all going with the ipads, etc. But the scoop is that we don't even have them yet! But that's only the first part of it, because I just logged onto my email with President Calderwood, and this is what he just sent to the mission:

Dear Elders & Sisters,

We have just returned from a remarkable Mission Presidents Conference. Elder Russell M. Nelson presided and attended every session of the seminar. It was such an honor to be in the presence of Apostolic keys.

Good news. I was able to schedule the roll out of our iPads. On November 11 - 13, the missionary department will be coming to our mission with the devices to roll out mission wide. Each missionary will be getting a mini iPad and each companionship will be getting an iPhone. Your iPad will be yours for your entire mission. Area book, the planner, Progress report and other report will all be electronic and will be stored in the cloud. This means that when you transfer areas, iMOS will connect with the cloud and your new area will be known. When you login, all the local area book will be immediately accessible, including the entire ward or branch list. You will be productive day 1. This should help us beat the "bell curve".

Further instructions coming. Congratulations to you all for being one of the first missions to get completely online with the devices.


So that's the full scoop. This will be an exciting transition.

Going to the temple the second time was really good! I learned a few specific things, and one of the big ones is the importance of unity. There is power in unity. Then I read about it in Preach My Gospel, that the work of salvation will move forward with more purpose and power as we the missinonaries and members are united. That was great to read and learn, because I had read Helaman 5 earlier on in the week, about the brothers Nephi and Lehi and the great power that they had when they taught. I desire that power. I want to be able to bless so many people like that. I guess that means that we need to work more hand-in-hand with the members! And that's one thing that the mission is working on a lot right now. We are eliminating a lot of the barriers between members and missionaries.

Also, there is a newer video on about the ny worlds fair. The unisphere (that cool globe) is in my area! we do service there about every week.

Here's what I wrote to president Calderwood
President Calderwood,

This week has been another good week of answers to prayers and learning. I prayed for experiences that would help Elder Wright and I learn and grow in unity together. Then we found that we had mice in our apartment that we both had to work together to dispose of. We got rid of them! But last night I prayed for challenges again, and Elder Wright found another mouse this morning. It is interesting to trace prayers like that to events. And sometimes, God really know just how to touch you. A while back, after he prayed for challenges, Elder Wright lost his camera (and many pictures with it) in the East River. He loves photography. When I had been on my mission for a similar amount of time, I prayed for challenges and later lost my backpack. I really liked that backpack and was excited to use it at byu or hiking after my mission.
I have seen a few other small trials this week that have helped Elder Wright and I grow together a little. It helps that Elder Wright keeps a good attitude and likes being happy just like I do.
Greater things have happened this week. We finally contacted and visited a potential investigator that we found last transfer. Her sister is a member in Ecuador, and she wants to know what the church is like. Her heart has really been softened by her experiences.
We had a really good couple of lessons with another newer investigator and learned a lot. I've learned so much about how to ask questions from Elder Wright, and it has really added clarity and power to how we can teach others. We learned that he really wants to go on a mission, and that's why he is taking the missionary lessons again. We learned what he and his mom, who is a less active member, understand and think about baptism. We have their trust, and will be able to teach with more purpose and power now. I am excited for the progress of our pool. I also had a big realization of the worth of the escalator method. As we have more investigators that show desire and commitment, it will be valuable and important. Good things are happening in Flushing, and as I reach about 8 months here, I'm definitely not tired of it. I hope and pray that it's God's will that I can stay and watch these miracles develop and unfold.

I'm so happy and blessed to be here. The members, missionaries, and investigators constantly change my heart. I love them all. Thanks so much!
Elder Schenk

That might wrap it up for today. Everybody get ready for your mission that God has for you. It's the most selfish thing you can do, as long as you forget yourself.
Elder Schenk



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