Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey home!

This week and recent past I have learned soooo much! It has come as certain ideas have floated around my mind, and as I have read the stories in the Book of Mormon of the sons of Mosiah teaching the Lamanites. There is so much good stuff to learn there! I am receiving a lot of revelation, and I love it.
This is part of what I wrote to President Calderwood

I can't believe how much The Lord is teaching me. I've come to better understand the Doctrine of Christ, as well as the doctrine of conversion, and it really changes the way I see life as well as success. God asks us to be perfect, but knows that we aren't going to be able to do it, so his desire is that we follow His plan for us, which is so perfect that it allows us to be imperfect at it. As we follow it, we follow His desires and can please Him in that way. Now I am starting to see specific ways that I can use it in my work and life. 
In Alma chapters 17-22 I have learned a lot about the doctrine of conversion. It has changed the way I teach. I understand lore the value of us testifying often. As representatives of Christ we have the power that people can believe on our words as the Lamanites did to Ammon and his brothers, and then that belief can help those we teach to act, and develop their own testimony. I have heard many say that the people shouldn't just believe us and they should ask God. The people should believe us, and that can carry them to develop their own faith in God as they act and ask Him. This applies with investigators and in the family.

The more I understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more beautifully simple it is! 
This week we found a cool family to teach, and the mom and dad both have a good amount of LDS family! They seem to have their lives well under control for living in New York. It's impressive.
Got to go! Love you

Elder Schenk

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