Monday, February 10, 2014

February 3, 2014


I'm glad the Super Bowl went well. We stayed home and didn't have visits, Elder Sua'ava was feeling sick. We almost didn't go to church, but in the last minute he decided he felt well enough to go. We would have gotten to church just about on time but the train we were transferring to (on the weekend the trains run different so we have to transfer from the M to the J). We waited forever for it and it was less than a stop away but stuck behind construction, so then we went downstairs to take the bus, and while in the bus the train passed overhead. So we got to sacrament meeting about 40 minutes late. While waiting for the train I saw maybe two Seahawks shirts.
 Elder Sua'ava is feeling a bit better now. Being district leader is a good experience. It has taught me a lot and helped me grow the most, and helped me get a lot of experience receiving revelation. I like that. I am feeling a little more organized and I am learning more tricks with the iPad on taking notes and organizing, etc. it can make your studies really cool.
I already went to the temple for my "one year mark" back in December, I will get to go do baptisms with recent converts soon and I will go at a year and a half.
I have a year left to serve since yesterday. That's weird. But the first year has been well more than worth it. What I have learned is worth about ten years of study, I can't imagine what I will learn in the one I have left. Let's see what happens.

Well, I got to go, love you a lot!

Elder Schenk

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