Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 28, 2013

the library was closed yesterday so we all emailed today
I forgot to bring my camera to the computer. I thought about it last night but never put it in my bag or the cable to connect it. Next week I'll work on that.It sounds like a ton of things are going on! that's pretty cool. I can't believe the bridge went down! that's crazy. I want to see pictures of it. I love the pictures. Eleanor is growing up so cute! and Rosie (I always call her "Rosita" when I pray for her at night) is beautiful too! I will be excited to see them when I get home. Good work Katie! I'm still remembering and working on what I need to do to be a good uncle. Go on a mission (and serve a fantastic one), get an education and a good career, get married in the temple, and provide fantastic cousins! I'm stuck on the 1st step right now. We'll wait a while for the next ones. Thanks Mom for the Motherly advice. I'm glad you always give it. It's what missionaries need to know. Every Sunday I work pretty hard on not leaning over in Sacrament meeting, and I always remember you teaching me that. This week has been good. Elder Nisguritzer and I have been working on being exactly obedient and we are seeing some cool miracles. I actually have been really bad at writing in my journal mom but I wrote in it the other day because I had some miracles that had to be recorded. I'll set a vision, goals, and plans to be better at journal writing. One of the miracles was that we had an appointment and a member set up for the lesson with some investigators, but an hour beforehand they told us that they couldn't come. So we thought about who else we could have come to the lesson. I thought of one that Elder Rose and I had tried to meet with a ton of times but never could. So I called him and asked if he could meet us at the church in an hour for a lesson and he said no problem! He is a young man that is really nice and has some friends in the church. The member we had coming for the lesson was perfect for him! he would have been alright for the other investigators but was 10X better for M. M is the investigator. The member used to be young men's president in a ward he worked in before, and he is fairly young and really friendly, so it was NICE! We saw a couple other miracles like that. I've noticed that I'm not acting that much more obedient than I was before, and I was still pretty obedient before, but now my mindset is more obedient. And I think that makes the biggest difference. Its a lot of small, added effort here and there and a different mindset/desire to be obedient, and now I feel much more obedient and see more of the Lord's help as we do his work here. Elder Nisguritzer and I also speak a lot in Spanish together to practice (he's already fluent, so it's practice for me) and I feel like it's smoothing out my spanish a lot. We in our district are getting to know each other better now. A lot of us in the district are really new. And I realize that I've been in this branch almost the longest of anyone in my district. The only one that has more than me is Sister Powell, who got here two weeks before me (so that was right when I got to the MTC). So we are both really new missionaries but kind of the old pros of the branch. I think it is making everyone in our district grow more quickly together because we are all fairly new missionaries, except for our district leader, Elder Henstrom. He has just two transfers left I think and is a really good missionary. After him the longest out is my companion Elder Nisguritzer, who is on his fifth transfer (he's been out about 6 months or so). Then the next is Sister Powell who has two weeks more than me, and I have only like 3 months here. Then we have three missionaries that are still getting trained. We are young, anchored by a veteran, and all enthusiastic and hard workers, so I feel like we can have great success all working together. Tell everyone I say hi and I love them. I feel like this week I've developed a more loving attitude towards those around me and those I don't know. President Calderwood told us to always pray to develop charity, so I have been and I'm pretty sure it's working.
Thanks so much for the prayers, love, nieces, and advice! I love you all, and I have developed and grown so much here.
Elder Schenk
Hey Dad, my week was great! It's different working with Elder Nisguritzer than Elder Rose. They are two very different people. I think naturally Elder Rose and I are more similar, but Elder Nisguritzer and I have a unified desire for obedience and miracles. I think that's more important. I'm glad the young men missed me at the temple. I thought about my friends today and how fun it would be to be in a companionship with them. Thanks for being such a fantastic dad to me. And when you say that serving a mission is the most selfish thing you can do, I would have to agree. Tell the young men that I agree with you on that. The more I forget myself and try to only give my time here to God, the more I grow and become happier.
Thanks so much dad for your love and example for me. I was raised by the best (and you did a good job choosing my mom, too)
Love you much!
Elder Schenk

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