Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013


Anna is already home? wow. I'm excited to hear what Andre says about his mission and the MTC. This week was really good. I had a couple of really good days. We did a game street sweep where we had tic tac toe and chess and other games, and a poster that asked if families can be together forever.  It was a nice day and we had a good location and the people were really friendly so we had a great time and I feel like a lot of success at the activity. Then that night we visited the D family in our branch. we asked them if we could do anything for them and then they told us about Sister D's brother who is having a really hard time and some trials. They couldn't really tell us what those were, but they asked for our prayers. They live downstairs from this brother, and he isn't a member, so we offered him a priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel and he accepted. We had Brother D do it, and he had never given one like this before, and it was a really good experience for everyone. The spirit was very strong and it was a fantastic experience for both of them. The last two weeks we have hardly been able to teach lessons, and have had none with members present, which are the only lessons that we report. But even so I feel like our work is being more focused. We have less investigators and I'm not sure where they have really gone, but we are focused on different things now that I think will yield more success.

Thanks so much Dad! Last weekend we had a father's day fiesta and yesterday in church we talked about our fathers, and I felt more and more like you are the greatest father. There is  a verse in Alma where the stripling warriors' fathers come bring them supplies. I love it so much because it reminds me of you and how much support you always give me in fighting my battles. You've prepared me so well Dad, thanks so much for all of your powerful, undying love and direction you give to the family. The other day at a young single adult Family Home evening we were talking about the attributes that our dads have. I said powerful, because you are such a powerful leader, and teacher, and example to everyone. Everyone was kind of surprised that I just said powerful. I wish they could meet you and see how true it is.

Love you Dad! you are the greatest

Elder Schenk

Hey Mom,
That's a lot of really exciting news! I actually haven't been playing much piano yet, but we shall see what happens. We actually haven't had too bad of weather recently. and the chapel is in good contition again. There aren't many threesomes in the mission with Elders. In don't know if there are any even right now. But there are a ton of sister threesomes because a lot of them are going to other missions waiting for Visas. Yes, all the missionaries in our mission are supposed to watch the new mission president seminar, and we are excited to hear from President Monson again. I think missionaries are just so much more enthusiastic about the Gospel because it's all we ever do and it occupies our day. When you are deeply involved in something you get more excited about it.

So carson is already out of the MTC? is he going to go to the one in Brazil too or has the time just gone by really fast?

Too bad President Monson couldn't visit Gigi's mission! And Hunter is planning on going on a mission before college then? Wow I'm excited for him! Tell him if he's lucky he will come to NY NY South. It's the best and has the best mission president in the world. All of the missionaries in this mission are pretty certain of it. And if that many missionaries believe it, it's got to be true. I can't believe Anna's already home, just imagine how soon I will get back, eh? That's cool that she's got some cool stories.

We haven't gotten family history proselyting material yet, but we are going to try to do proselyting activities with it soon. We'll see how it works
Yes, the Yeates family sent me a package! the sisters in my district picked it up at the mission office and were very jealous. It had a bunch of candy and snacks in it and i enjoyed it, as did the rest of my district.
Thanks so much Yeates family! I'll try to send a letter
I'm glad dad's knee is doing better, I'll be sure to pray for him a lot.
I forgot my camera today so I'll have to use the dropbox next time.
And I'm excited to hear how Andre's doing. I've been praying for him and Carson a lot. I'm just sooo excited to see everyone in two years when we are all home!

Love you all! see you later
Elder Schenk

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