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December 16, 2013

Hey Dad, 

I'm sorry to say that we didn't baptize all of our investigators last week. But we did have a good week! I am still learning, and the zone leaders here are teaching me so much. They are in the district so they get to see what I do a lot more and their feedback helps me out a ton. I really love having their help. I am learning about how much time I need to take to fulfill my responsibility. I spent a lot of time at the beginning, but them I got more used to it and kind of forgot to keep doing that and get things done, so the zone leaders had a little talk with me yesterday and I am redoubling my efforts and getting some things done that I have needed to do. It feels good! It has been cold but not too bad. I got both the packages this week, thanks so much! I am so excited to open my stocking and presents on Christmas. 
We got snow a little bit, it has mostly melted. I like the snow a lot. A lot of the people here don't like it that much because they don't go skiing or play in it much. It doesn't mean the same thing to them. I really hope the Stauffers are alright. I will definitely be praying for them. Wow, the plan of salvation is so important. We taught it last night to someone named Jose and as I teach it it strengthens my understanding of how important it is and how it all really makes sense. 

There are a lot of less active members in New York and this branch has big boundaries (only for New York though, it's probably not that big but there are so many people and each part of town is unique so it seems like you travel a lot to go just a small distance
And especially all of your friends who need the gospel more in their lives! You have planted the good seed through your example, now patiently nourish it and don't expect to be eating corn on the cob this afternoon.
Thanks so much for your good example that you have always been. I'm thinking that I would really like to have you both skype in for a lesson at M and Ls house sometime! they both speak English! and I think your gospel understanding as parents and your connection to young men would be great. We will probably visit L (Hermana A) on Christmas.
About skyping on Christmas, we will probably do it in the iPads, so we can do it at a member's house or at church. We were told that probably the best way to spend Christmas is visiting our 
investigators and members so we will probably be mostly doing member visits. A lot of the zone might skype at the church on Christmas, so I might be able to show you some of the other missionaries I work with.

I will write more in the email to Mom. Love you! Tell Devin that I have been curious if he had been working toward the New and Everlasting covenant. I must email him and see how it's doing, and give him some advice.

Love you so much! Thanks for he packages and love, 
Elder Eric Schenk
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I will write  a short response. I got the packages, thank you! The branch is doing fine, working on becoming much greater, I wrote about it in my letter to president which I will copy and send in this email. And I have been wearing my boots every once in a while, they are great!

Here is what I wrote to President

16 Dec 2013
Dear President Calderwood,

I am convinced that the missionaries around me have been handpicked by God to bless and teach me. Elder P and Elder J are fantastic Zone Leaders. Their zone activities to break the ice and train the zone this last week were stellar. I was blow away by the ZTM, mostly because I felt it was greatly effective, and short! Elder P was planning on giving a workshop, but instead talked only for a couple minutes and bore a powerful testimony. I felt lifted and inspired by the meeting. My respect, appreciation, and love for Elder P and J has grown a lot as they have worked to bless the zone, and as they have taken extra time to pull me aside and lovingly and boldly give me constructive criticism. It empowers me to repent and get things done to bless the district and branch. I love the atonement. I rejoice in it. I realized that I need it so much a while back, and that I am hopelessly far away from perfection, so repenting is something that I am so happy to do. It means that I can fix the problems in myself, through the help of Christ. 
I have learned that I need to work more with my leaders, including the branch mission leader. He works so hard at his calling, and I have been too hesitant to follow his lead. Once I follow and work more consistently and closely with him, our branch will explode. Other leaders here are working really hard, too and getting things organized so that a great, powerful effort can be made. Bushwick is getting ready and excited to be a ward.
As I have developed more unity with Elder Sua'ava, our work has improved greatly. We had so many things work together for our good to lead us to teach a lot of lessons. As we have been teaching more, I have realized where I need to improve in teaching as well, and Elder Sua'ava has been teaching me to teach better. 
Elder A and Elder F are in charge of the elliptical in the district, and I am so grateful for the effort they are doing there. They are so enthusiastic and constantly developing activities that we can do. As I write about all the things that are going well and building up here, it is clear to see that The Lord is hastening His work in Bushwick. He has placed specific members and missionaries here to perform miracles for me and the Kingdom of God here. I am excited. 
One thing that we are struggling on now is our quarterly goal. Our two baptismal dates are very solid, for next year. From a worldly perspective it looks very unlikely that we will achieve our commitment. Had I organized things better we may have made much more progress toward it by now. 

But no matter the outcome, I am so thankful to God that he has provided me the companion, district, and people here to sufficiently teach me. I love Him, and I love learning from Him.
Elder Schenk
Love you all! I will be sending a package home soon (if I remember to do it this time - the mission distracts you from doing extra things like sending packages.)
With love from Brooklyn, Elder Eric Schenk
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