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December 23, 2013

So elder Sua'ava has not decided when he wants to skype, and his family hasn't responded yet, but I guess we are allowed to call for five minutes on Christmas Eve to schedule. I think we will try at 3 here, 12 at home. If that changes we will call. The thing is that elder Sua'ava's family is two hours behind you.
Our branch didn't really so anything too special for Christmas. The primary children sang, and the branch presidency gave some really good talks. One was about testimonies and one about goals.
One of our investigators, Victor came to church. He is going to get baptized with another investigator from our district on January 12. 
The leadership thing is coming along, I'm definitely learning. President Calderwood doesn't have time to respond to all the missionaries' emails in the week, and would respond before with a short sentence of inspiration and counsel every month or so, but recently he has responded almost to every one of my letters. I am learning more about myself. When yo have more responsibility it really helps define what your strengths and weaknesses are. I think I have seen it in myself and others around me.
Plans for Christmas Eve, we will have a mission get together and perform music. There are some professional musicians in the mission, one in my zone sings one of the fey songs, take it home. Another one served with me in flushing. He is from Taiwan and is fantastic at guitar. He has music on iTunes. So that will be pretty cool. 
So right now we are at zone activity and it's hard to focus. 
In summary, it is hard being a leader, getting the missionaries and branch united is like teaching two different beasts to dance, and I don't even have the normal missionary thing mastered yet. But I am having a great companionship with Elder Sua'ava. I have learned a lot about being a good companion, and he is easy to be a good companion for.
And I will really try hard to send you a Christmas package. I have everything, I just need to wrap it and send it. It will get there late but I hope you enjoy it!

Love you all!
Elder Schenk

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