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January 20, 2014

Hey Mom! Hi to everyone else, too!

I wrote this today in my personal study and now I think it would be cool for you to read my thoughts. 

We are the vessel

Thinking about the Godhead all working with us as we perform this work while the Lord is hastening it, the thought/image came to my mind that we are like a clay pot designed, sculpted, created by our Heavenly Father. He has put Himself into our being. The water carried in this vessel is the Holy Ghost. And Jesus Christ is the one who carries us to our thirsty brothers and sisters. Each part of the Godhead has a vital part in this, each working with us.
If we allow dirt to enter, or cracks and holes to form in ourselves, we will not be useful vessels of the Spirit. The Lord will not be able to use us as He desires, and Heavenly Father's children will remain athirst because of our lack of the Spirit.

So what are these cracks and holes? How do we avoid them? How do we repair them?
Dirt, cracks and holes are disobedience: in our thoughts, words, and actions

Sometimes we become dirty on the inside, and not fit to carry water to those in need. Here the Redeemer can cleanse us. We must apply the atonement to scrub us clean and the Spirit will rinse the filth away, so that we can carry Him to others.
If our thoughts are disobedient, we are not fit to help others cleanse themselves; we would be rinsing them with dirty water. And if they drink the dirty water and taste the dirt, they will spit it back out and look for something else.

Sometimes we don't do all that we should, or all we can. There, cracks and holes form, and we lose the Spirit in that way. It spills out of these openings and does not reach the people. They might see us, and want the water we have, but it might spill out and not get to them because we don't open our mouths or we don't serve them. 

Let's let Him patch and clean us quickly before our imperfections and weaknesses become large holes and built up filth.

We aren't going to be perfect vessels, and we will need the Lord to patch us up and clean us often.  But we can be ready vessels of His Spirit in order to provide to many in need.
Don't let the cracks become holes!

As we go about among God's children in need, let's treat them like we are offering water to the thirsty. Once we provide them enough water to fill up a font, they can step in and begin a clean, new life!

In other news, I have been playing a lot more basketball recently. We have played a couple of times on preparation day with other missionaries and when the weather was nice played basketball in the park with some guys the other day. Playing pickup games in Brooklyn! Elder Sua'ava and I are usually some of the tallest. He's a big guy and an inch taller than me but I can reach higher just standing because my arms are longer. But most of the people have played a lot more basketball than me so it's a learning curve. But I am learning and getting better.

Elder Sua'ava and I are having a good time together. We work with some recent converts here and their strength makes us really happy. Even if I didn't see their conversion process, it just makes me really happy to see them living the gospel and being happy. 

Love you! 
Elder Schenk

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