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June 24, 2013

Hey Mom,

Sorry I don't have much time to write today. We are going to the mission office in Rego Park to play basketball, etc with some missinaries that are going home. Transfers are tomorrow, and Elder Nisguritzer and I are both staying. A while back I was feeling a little trunky for Flushing, and maybe thinking I was going to leave, but then I decided to pray about it (I remembered how Devin told me about a year ago that I could know even then when I should go on my misison) and my answer was that I'm staying. And they made the calls last night which confirmed that. My whole district is actually staying, so that will be good, considering a lot of us are fairly new to the area anyway. I'm going to copy what I wrote in my president's letter.

President Calderwood,

I feel like this week was the best so far in regards to my relationship with Elder Nisguritzer. We are continually learning, and now excited to start a new transfer, especially with the new vision, goals, and plans that our zone leaders have put forth for us. The other week we had a zone training meeting and I feel that the zone leaders were very inspired in setting these. I feel like it will help our zone invite and receive more miracles from the Lord, and bring more of His children back to Him. I also am very excited after the new mission president seminar that we had last night. I feel renewed in my energy, excitement, and desire to share the Gospel with all that I meet. Yesterday we also met with the branch leaders and discussed how to strengthen the branch, and I think it will lead to better understanding for the whole branch about what we are doing and how we are trying to do it.
I am also noticing more the growth that has happened in me since my arrival here. We visited an investigator last night that we have been teaching ever since I got here, and I thought about how I felt during my first visits with him, and compared it to how I feel now. The Lord has strengthened me in many ways.
Although the work here feels a bit slow, I feel it building, and my hope is to really build on this foundation that is being laid during this transfer.
I am so grateful for all the revelation you receive for the mission president. I can see how it has blessed the work. Thank you for placing me in this area around the missionaries, members, and other people here. They are blessing me.

Another thing that is kind of funny. Yesterday after church we had a meeting with all the branch leaders, and as we have a new dinner appointment rule (scheduled throught the mission leader, focused on less actives, part members, or investigators) there is a ton of the confusion. Most simply, the focus now is on strengthening the members and teaching them instead of just eating their food. But it hasn't been that way since probably the beginning of time here in Flushing so there is some resitance. I guess that in other areas some members have called president Calderwood and yelled at him, which is really dumb because if they had ever met him for just like ten seconds they would never doubt his judgement. So one of the ward leaders said "this is from President Calderwood, not from the Lord" (but in spanish) and was kind of down talking it (and President Calderwood at the same time). I actually kind of started laughing at this point because that is probably the surest way to lose all the respect of probably any missionary here in New York. A couple of the missionaries didn't understand what that guy said, and one asked me, so I told him, and he was pretty upset about it. But for the most part, the branch just wants to understand why we are doing it and what exactly it means, which is way better than apathy about it, so I think that means with a lot of effort right now, we can fix it soon instead of it being a long problem.

I'm sensing a lot of growth in my abilities as a missionary. And after the broadcast last night I definitely feel reinvigorated and re-energized to do the work. That's why being a missionary is so cool. Not only do church leaders and the prophet brag about you all the time, but your whole life and every action pretty much depends on the Gospel, so you think about it a lot more, and it has more relevance in your life.

Another cool thing. Last night during the broadcast I got some revelation about a part member family that we need to start working with. So prayers for them would be great. I'll write real quick to Dad about it.

Love you so much! Thanks for all the love and support.
Elder Schenk

ps. I've been emailing Elder Stegner a little, and it seems like he's doing well! Hmong is crazy, but I hear he knows more spanish than most of the spanish missionaries, and enjoys showing them up. which is a good thing to do to humble them.

Hey Dad!
I only have a few minutes.
Things are going well. It's pretty hot and humid here. 
I am feeling myself grow a lot Dad. And I realize a lot of things that make sense to me because you and Mom taught me right. Thanks so much for being the best parents in the world. It's pretty nice to have that advantage. Especially when I'm on a mission.

Love you so much!
Elder Schenk (the third)

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