Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hey Mom, Dad, and Everyone

I'm low on time. Here's what I wrote to president

This week we again had low numbers. As we reported this to our district leader, he asked a good question: "Did you do all you could this week?" And the answer is yes, that I put forth my best effort. But no matter how hard I work at anything, I always feel like I can do more. I always feel like I could have been better. I feel like I could have done better this week, just like every week. I really truly feel that the more you grow and develop, the more your ability to give literally all you are develops as well. So even when I do my best, can do better, I just need to be better in order to give that much more. So in order to truly do my best, I need to be the best person that I can be, which will never happen until I am perfected. Maybe this means that I can never give a perfect effort until I myself am perfect.
I don't know if that makes sense or if it's a confusing circle of thought, but it makes me think of receiving more and more light that grows until the perfect day. I just need to constantly do all that I can, so that way as I grow, so will my ability to put forth all that I am, and eventually put forth a perfect effort. I do know that as I do all I can, grace will fill in the rest to make my effort perfect.
Elder Nisguritzer and I are optimistic and determined to accomplish our goals here. We are working hard, and I feel that success will come as we continue this focus and effort.
Thank you so much for my companion and area. I am constantly being shaped. And I know that patience and dilligence will shape me into the perfect tool that the Lord needs me to be.
Elder Schenk

 4th of july was good, we had a small branch activity that was thrown together. That night the elders in our apartment building all got onto the roof using the fire escape and watched the fireworks. It was pretty cool and a great city view. I forgot to grab my camera to take pictures of it though.
The porch looks really nice! That's crazy that Trace is training Ammon. I hope it goes well.
Andre and I email back and forth and it sounds like he's liking the MTC pretty well and doing great at Hmong and soccer.
I am going to slowly implement the cooking ideas into my routine, because we don't have a ton of cooking supplies. The measuring cups and spoons were needed much.
For service projects we have done a lot of service at a park every week or two, but that might change soon. A lot of times it's pulling weeds and filling in with bark.
I'm not always using sunscreen, but mostly. I don't think I'm getting too burnt, and I am getting tanner (either that or I just imagine it).
I need to go. Today we have a zone activity. We are going to play volleyball and have a barbecue and the church.
Love you! Thanks for all the love and prayers
Elder Schenk

For some reason, when you said Stay close to the Lord, it really touched me. Thanks. I will for sure. One thing that President Calderwood has told us a lot, and we heard in the broadcast the other week, is that the Lord is so close to this work. It's His work, and He reaches down to aid it. I'm so glad everything is going well for the Priest Quorum. I'll have to write them a letter soon. How's Anton doing? has he come back yet? When you see him, tell him I say hi and he needs to go on a mission. You learn so much from losing yourself in a bigger cause. And there is no bigger cause than the work of the Lord. It's His work and His glory. It's what the most powerful being in Existence glories in. And He let's us participate in it! That's pretty nice of Him. I thought about how it would feel if a missionary wasn't able to serve a full mission because they got injured or something like that. My companion went home a while back for knee surgery and was back for one or two transfers when he became my companion. I just thought if I got injured and sent home how bad that would feel, and it's a huge privilege to be here. So I'm pretty happy to be here now in the best mission in the world.

Love you so much Dad, thanks for being the best.
Elder Schenk

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