Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey Mom,
So I'm trying to use Dropbox and figuring it out, so That took a lot of todays time. I think I will paste in part of my letter to President Calderwood. Some of the pictures are from Graffiti park last week. I thought it was going to be some big deal with a lot of people there, but you just go down a street and all the sudden there are a couple of buildings covered in art.
Yes, I got the package full of recipes and goodies. The chili powder was perfect because yesterday I cooked some macaroni and tomato sauce, and realized I needed it! it was really good. The elders in my district who went to transfer meeting picked it up for me. It was really full! As I looked through it I got really excited and exclaimed "My mom is so much better than yours!" to everyone. That raised a slight conflict because they didn't believe me. But they did enjoy the Reeses Pieces so the facts really do support my case.I'm excited to start cooking some finer meals.
I just got your email about the pictures. We don't really have plans for Preparation day today. We were thinking about going to Coney Island but we will probably do that some other time.
I think we are going to reorganize our apartment to use it most effectively and maybe do some other preparations so we can dedicate it soon. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Now that it's easier to share pictures I will probably take more.
One of the missionaries that finished his mission was in flushing the other day with his family showing them around, and I got really excited to show everyone my mission, even though it so far only consists of flushing and a couple of other sites.

Here's the letter to President Calderwood

President Calderwood,
I feel that this week was pretty successful. After the broadcast last Sunday night I felt re-energized, and I think that it affected our performance this week. Elder Nisguritzer and I were able to fearless many more people than usual. We hit more of our goals.
We were able to teach two investigators who show a lot of potential. We can sense a desire in both of them, and now we really need to help them build that desire and develop it into faith.
I feel confident about this next transfer. Elder Nisguritzer and I know each other fairly well now, and have developed our abilities, and I think that we have built a good foundation together that we can benefit from a lot this transfer. Our Zone Leaders have set for us a brilliant and inspired Vision, Goals, and Plan, and we are excited to implement that into our work. I sense a constant growth in our companionship and in our zone, and I feel like it will lead to the success we have been wanting.
All in all, I feel pretty optimistic. I have a lot of hope for this transfer. I love my companion, district, and zone. I am thankful for all of them, and all of the people here in Flushing.

I think that's all I have for this week. Thanks so much for the packages, letters, love, and prayers.

Missions are the best!
Love Elder Schenk

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