Monday, April 21, 2014

April 7, 2014

So I will open with a cool story that just happened. We were sitting here in the laundry mat, emailing, and a lady came up to us and asked where the church is around here. She isn't a member but used to go in the Dominican Republic. Her name is Socorro, feel free to pray for her and her family.
Today we are going shopping at BJ's but we will try not to buy too much because transfers are coming next week and we don't want to have to leave food behind just in case we leave. We will see how it goes because I've been here a bit but Elder Barker has had only one transfer with his last two companions. It would be weird if that happened a third time, but we'll see. I've gotten back from BJ's by now, for some reason a lot of people are paying more attention to us today as we walk by. Another lady asked where the church is and if we can teach her! And two other people pointed out that we were Mormon or something like that as we walked by. I wonder if we just radiate the spirit extra now that we just listened to the prophet and apostles. Man, after conference I just had a big feeling of "woah, endure to the end." I'm trying to read the Liahona for each month in Spanish, so I will be excited to read the talks again. I am also excited to see some for the first time in English when they get to my iPad. I understand e Spanish well, but it's not the same, or as easy to learn. I like listening to the speaker's own voice.

It's interesting, I feel like sometimes I focus more on serving and helping the missionaries around me than the other people. I think I am much more able to help them because I am around them a lot. 

I am headed to the post office now to send a package home, hope you get it soon!
Love you all, thanks for your support and prayers. It reminds me that there are forces seen and unseen that are directing and helping me to accomplish good works for God here.

All my love from BKLN,

Elder Schenk

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