Monday, April 21, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey Fam!

I don't have much time because we had a busy day and are in our way home still. We went to the grave dedication for a member this morning (this wasn't he same person whose funerals spoke at). Then we did laundry and did some shopping while we waited for our clothes. Then we helped the other elders in our district, Elder Padilla and Elder Van Mondfrans move into a different apartment. It's Elder Barker's old one and it's owned by a member. Then we went to the mission office in Rego to pick up some things and drop off some other things, we got dinner at Taco Bell, and now we are on the bus on our way home. We are taking a different way that Elder Barker is showing me. He used to serve in the area of the mission office. 
Last week we did not make the best decisions shopping. We bought a 40 pack of Eggos waffles (I wanted to try it out because they were whole wheat) and Elder Barker also got us a 48 pack of pop-tarts. I didn't think it was a good idea. So by Wednesday night we had eaten half of the pop tarts (we didn't eat any on Thursday and brought the rest to a zone meeting on Friday. And right now there are like 6 waffles left. When there are ready made snacks at my disposal that don't fill you up at all, they go pretty fast. Today we made sure to get some better food.
Yesterday was a good day. We stopped by a less active family's apartment before church because we had offered to bring them to church. One had promised us that he would come, and  he kept his word! Then others got ready to come along with us, too. They hadn't gone for a long time since their grandparents' health got bad and they stopped going. So the whole family stopped going. So those that came we us hardly remembered anything from church. They stayed for sacrament meeting and left, and told us that they would come next week and stay longer! It's the Perez family. Elder Barker and I thought that the four that came seemed really happy. 
Also, in the neighborhood of the church, there is a huge concentration of Jewish people called Hacidic Jews. They are very strict and live what I think is called the 500 laws of Moses. Yesterday was their Halloween, and there were a bunch of their kids in the streets dressed up in different costumes. But the most exciting part was when we saw some RV's with speakers strapped to the top, blasting Jewish pop music. That blew my mind! That's the loudest I think I've ever heard music played outside. Also after church Elder Padilla gave us chili peppers. That was hot.
I got to go, but I love you all a ton! I am having a great time with Elder Barker, he is funny and smart and works hard. 
Much Love from BKLN,

Elder Schenk

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