Monday, April 21, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Fam!

To answer your questions: in the mission, things are going pretty
well, consistently building and improving due to revelation. We are
unifying ourselves more with the members, baptizing stronger
individuals and families and taking more to the temple. A district is
about to turn into a stake, which will make the entire mission covered
in stakes. We have been teaching different things but a lot about the
importance of the Book of Mormon recently. We haven't had many service
projects lately but we do teach English class. And I do like the
tennis shoes. They are more broken in now so I am enjoying them more.

I sent this to president
Dear President Calderwood,

I am experiencing a lot of joy even though things are crazy and kind
of hard right now. Elder Barker and I feel like we can't control much
of what is happening with our investigators and weekly goals. Things
happen almost everyday to cut short our studies and take up he rest of
our day as well. I think little things often build up to create bigger
distractions and barriers in our work, and I wonder if we are supposed
to slow down to learn from these, or if we need to push forward and
get a lot of work done, and that way we will learn and be strengthened
the most. After zone conference, the assistants and sister training
leaders met with us and said that our zone seemed spiritually tired,
and I think it's the things that I've been talking about that are
draining us a little. Elder Barker and I don't feel able to do some of
the things we need to, like take time to stop and think and call
members or even to weekly plan sometimes. We haven't been fearlessing
much, either.
Even though all these things are weighing us down, I feel enthusiastic
and excited more often. I feel happy. It's interesting. I think it is
because I need to share it more with the missionaries around me; they
might need some more energy.

Love you all! Sorry I didn't write much we were playing rockstar life
with the other elders.

Love from BKLN,

Elder Schenk

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